Scottsdale Waxing

Waxing Services

Do you want to have that smooth and silky skin you have always dreamed about? Well, Sassi Salon Scottsdale can create waxing routine that’s tailored to your needs and keeps you looking beautiful every day. Whether you’re just looking for simple lip wax or want to go all out with a Brazilian one, our experts in waxing can deliver exactly what you are after. Using the proven 3-step waxing technique, our skilled will ensure that your wax is effective. This highly efficient three-step waxing method combines top in the line products with refined techniques to ensure you get the best treatment in a timely fashion. You can visit any Sassi Salon branch and if you don’t see a service that you would like on the menu, simply ask.

Here is a brief look at our waxing services along with the average duration of each:

Our experts in waxing work with you to settle on a brow shape that looks best on your face shape and matches your personal style. This service takes 30 minutes on average.
Lip Waxing
That lady mustache may not be doing you any good when it comes to beauty. Luckily, our skilled specialists are here to help. Lip waxing at any of our branches takes about 15 minutes.

There’s no arguing that this is one of the popular waxing techniques out there. So, who are we not to include it on our menu? This wax takes only 30 minutes of your time.

We all know how embarrassing armpit hair can be when your raise your arms. Well, get rid of it in under 20 minutes by availing our services.


Are you modern but want to be modest as well? Well, this wax will ensure you look tidy when strolling on the beach.
Chest Wax

Most people refer to it as chest wax, but our skilled specialists will wax it all, from the neck to where your pant line rests. This procedure doesn’t go beyond an hour.

Leg Wax

Do you want to flaunt silky stems for weeks? Well, a full leg wax is just the answer. Visit any of our salons, and you can dump that annoying razor.