Scottsdale Eyebrow Extensions 

Eyebrow Extensions

A revolution in the world of beauty came in the form of eyelash extensions that eliminated the need for lengthening, volumizing, and curling lashes. Today, eyebrow extensions are promising to make similar transformations. Eyebrow extensions promise an end to applying brow gel and coloring in.

What benefits does this service provide?

It is definitely a revolution considering that eyebrows are so characteristically important for your face’s symmetry. Eyebrows give so much youth that it hurts their confidence when they are have issues such as undergoing chemotherapy or having alopecia. It is always a pleasure to have the ability to restore people’s self-confidence.

Over the years, you will start seeing a lot of over-plucking, scars, vitamin deficiencies, and hormonal imbalances. Women are thus looking for a solution as opposed to dealing with the everyday hassle of either attempting to pencil in their brows or waxing or putting powder in to hide them. To fill in little textures, small pieces of cut hair are applied using adhesive.

Clients with perfect lashes and perfect eye brows to frame their face don’t have a need for wearing eye makeup. They can just wake up and apply some powder, lipstick, and blush, and they will be done. Mothers and professional women love it since they always find themselves short on time. If you are able to commit yourself to an hour every few weeks, you will be saving time each morning since time is very valuable.

They also deduct years on a face. People close to 40 years in age look much younger for their age thanks to eyelash and eyebrow extensions. People can look up to 10 years younger since they give you some youth and a lift in the eye, which is where signs of aging first show up.

Do they appear as natural as the eyelash extensions?

It usually impresses people since they would assume that adhering little pieces of hair to the face would not look very natural. However, all types of human hair are available for all ethnicities be it Indian, Caucasian, or Asian. Little pieces of hair of different diameters and different curls are applied in layers. It gives quite a good natural look to it, just like the natural hairs on the head have different waves and curls.

How long do extensions last?

It depends on the length of time the person wears it. Most women are quite ecstatic that they are quite gentle with it and it therefore lasts for a few weeks. It can last for as long as 3 weeks but it is advisable to go every 2 weeks for a fill to ensure that it is clean and fresh. The great thing about extensions is that it is not so obvious when they shed. The brows just become thinner and thinner back to their original state meaning that it is hard for anybody to comment on them.