Scottsdale Spray Tan

A Guide To Beautiful Spray Tans

We have thousands of repeat customers here at Salon Sassi Scottsdale Tanning, surely it’s thanks to our natural and stunning tans, exceptional quality pro solutions and expertly trained skin artists who provide a color that delivers on beauty without any need for sun or harm. The Airbrush Tanning solution that we use it made up mainly of sugar, we then use specialised tools to spray the solution into your skin in mist form, giving you a tan that is natural, golden and beautifully bronzed. There’s no nasty chemicals or UV rays, in fact the spray tan will benefit your skin without you having to give a second of thought to skin damage, skin cancer, burns or harmful rays.

When it comes to getting the perfect tan, there simply isn’t a quicker or safer method. We want you to receive the best possible tan that Scottsdale has to offer, that’s why our artists are always keeping up with training opportunities to improve their technique and methods. Call in to us today for the best in spray tans and customer service. We know that getting a tan can come with a helping of stress, that’s why we have professional female members of staff and provide private treatment rooms for our clients. If you are feeling a little unsure about it all, just call in for a chat, in fact you will be amazed at how differently you will feel after a quick tour and an introduction to our friendly team. It’s our passion to care for our clients.

If you are new to the area or are heading to Scottsdale for a vacation, call in when you arrive to get your tan. You’ll be able to relax for a few hours while the tan sets, then take a rinse and get ready to show off your amazing tan for the rest of your vacation. Official travel sites like Experience Scottsdale are great tools for planning your trip.