Scottsdale Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Guide


These days there a number of different hair extension products that are available. However, if you would like to use one of the world’s most popular, most sophisticated and best hair extension products, then go with Flashpoints. When it comes to hair extension technology, Flashpoints are one of the major advancements. They will completely transform your fine, short, dull or lifeless hair within hours. Now at last, with Flashpoints you can achieve that look you have always wanted to have.

Unlike many other kinds of hair extension products, Flashpoints are much kinder on your hair. A sophisticated procedure is used by Flashpoints. It involves attaching a link of Flashpoints to a lock of your own hair. The good thing is, no glues, weaving or waxes are used during this procedure at any point. These hair extensions can be reused, which is one of the very best things about them.

Since Flashpoints act just like real hair, you can perm, style and colour them to customize how they look and help you hide or cover up any hair loss you might have experienced.

They are available in various lengths, thicknesses and colours. There are over 20 colours that you can choose from, and when this is combined with professional colour, you really have an unlimited number of options to choose from.

Flashpoints look very natural, so it will be nearly impossible for anybody to be able to tell you wearing hair extensions. They will just see how great your hair looks. That is due to the fact that Remi human hair is used by Flashpoints to achieve the best possible results.

Wefted Extensions

Machine wefted hair extensions are products that have been “wefted” or sewn in order to create a bundle of extensions. “Bulk” or loose hair gets fed through a sewing machine with three heads so that a reinforced stitch can be added close to the top (or root) of all of the individual strands. Then the ahir gets folder and over and is stitched once again. Thee result is that the final wefted extensions are created. You may find machine wefted hair extensions in the Sea, Hysteria, Bounce and Pure Collections. Although this technique is mainly used for permanent (sewn in) extensions, machine wefted hair extensions can be used as well as the base for creating the line of clip in extensions that are part of our Studio Collection.

In the case of hand weft hair extensions, the individual strands get tied by hand and a secure weft is created. A very strong, but a lot thinner weft is created by a hand weft hair extension compared to the machine wefted hair extension. This results in the extensions sitting a little closer to the head, and offers less bulk compared to machine wefts. Hand weft extensions currently are available just in our Pure Collection. Typically, hand wefted hair extensions are used as permanent extensions. However, they can be used for creating clip in or temporary hair extensions as well.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Individual fusion hair extensions use a bonding technique called fusion. A specialty hot tool is utilized for softening a prebonded keratin tip. That enables it to fuse with a section of your hair. Generally fusion extensions are removed and then reinstalled every 2 to 3 months. Fusion hair extensions come in two basic types: The first and most common one, uses flat tips, vi-tips or nail tips to bond the strand with our hair without using any clips, rings, links or tubes.

The second technique is less common and is called the shrinkable tubing technique. I-tip fusion extensions are a heat-sensitive tube are used. You insert the i-tip into the tube with a strand of your own hair. A specialized hot tool is used by the stylist to apply heat onto the bonding point. This shrinks the tube and softens the keratin, and results in the extensions being secured to your natural hair.

For direct fusion and shrinkable tubing hair extensions, the Keratique Collection is offered by Indique. Instead of glue, 100% natural keratin is used in our pre-bonded strands, to ensure that your hair extension experience is damage-free. Fusion hair extensions are offered by Indique as two types in our Keratique Collections: v-Tip and i-Tip