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Eyelash Extensions

What types of lash extensions are most common?

Lash extensions are of 3 types: mink, silk, and synthetic. The sizes range from 6mm to 17mm. After selecting your lashes of choice, they will be applied using a special semi-permanent glue that does not damage your natural lashes or irritate the eyes. However, allergic reactions are possible hence there are different types of glue depending on your sensitivity.

How long does applying the lash extensions take?

It takes about 2 hours to apply a complete set of lashes that you can maintain all year round. However, touch-ups are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks. To achieve a similar dramatic effect, a half set of lashes are an inexpensive alternative. The half set is either applied outward from the eye if you desire a specialized look or can be applied as a filler for thickening natural lashes.

Everybody has different lashes and lash experts recommended going for a particular thickness or length depending on the state of your natural lashes. This ensures that the natural lashes remain healthy. For instance, if you have shorter, thinner natural lashes, it will be impossible to get the dramatic, crazy Kim Kardashian look since it will not last. It is better to start with a half set especially if it is your first time or you are not sure. It is always easier to add more as opposed to removing lashes.

If glue gets in your eyes, what will happen?

Your eyes will remain shut for the entire time the extensions are being applied meaning that glue will never get into your eyes. To ensure that you don’t experience any irritation, an important safety precaution you should take is ensuring that the glue is safe for the eyes and does not contain any harmful products such as formaldehyde. By the time the glues are shipped across the world to reach the salon, they often already have a buildup of formaldehyde.

In addition, it is important to distinguish between an infection and an allergic reaction. An experienced and licensed lash technician will not allow an infection to occur but if you have a glue allergy, you will still experience an allergic reaction but this does not imply that the glue is inherently harmful.

Is it possible to go blind?

No. The lash technician should be properly trained on the application of the lashes and adhesive so that it is completely safe. Your eyes will remain closed for the entire duration of the procedure. Regardless of how bad an allergic reaction you might get, it is impossible to go blind. The worst outcome possible is that you may need to visit the eye doctor for a prescription of eye drops to help treat an allergic reaction.

What if you cry?

If you experience any discomfort or burning while the procedure is underway that causes the eyes to tear or make you cry, you need to speak up. The technician may have to change the glue. Lash extensions should be completely pain free.

How often should the lash extensions be done?

Lash extensions typically last through a complete growth cycle of your natural eyelashes i.e. 6 to 8 weeks. In reality, each person’s growth cycle is different and light lash maintenance is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain a full look.

Will the lash extensions fall out after a certain amount of time?

Each lash extensions is attached to a single eyelash and they will inevitably fall out naturally along with each lash’s natural growth cycle. A touch-up is recommended every 3 to 4 weeks.

If the lashes are applied by an inexperienced professional, one synthetic lash will be applied to 3 or 4 natural lashes, which causes the lashes to break and fall out or the clumps to form. Lashes may also fall out if you try pulling them out yourself or if you pick at them, which is never recommended. However, the lashes should remain intact if you avoid these 2 problems.

Can you go for a swim or shower immediately? Should you avoid some particular products?

For the first 12 to 24 hours after touch-ups or application, it is advisable to keep water away from the lashes. Water tends to weaken the adhesive before it is set and causes the lashes to fall off. The after care will vary depending on the glue that is used. For example, if glue for sensitive eyes was used then makeup removers and oil-based products are not recommended around the eye area. You should never use water-proof mascara on your extensions for any type of glue since it is hard to remove and can prematurely pull off the lashes when you try to take it off.

Is wearing mascara safe?

If you plan to wear the mascara in addition to your extension, you should only use it with a very light hand and only use it on the tips of your extensions. This will be sufficient to give the eyes the “pop” along with your extensions. Using mascara at the base of your extension causes clumps to form.

Will the natural lashes be damaged or harmed?

The greatest myth is that lash extensions destroy natural lashes. They don’t. If applied properly and correctly, lash extensions are safe and won’t ruin the natural lashes. Ensure that you don’t rub the yes or pull or tug on the extensions since it can lead to the loss of lashes or even damage to the natural lashes. Lashes won’t fall out if properly applied to each individual lash.