Scottsdale Brazilian Blowout

About Brazilian Blowouts

The original technology of the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatments are still the more popular and most effective in the treatment of frizzy and dry hair. The Brazilian Blowout treatment is one of the only treatments which will actually improve on the health of a person’s hair.

Benefits Of A Brazilian Blowout

•Eliminates those unruly curls and frizz

•The treatment is formulated specifically for chemically treated, dry and damaged hair to eliminate frizz as well as out-of-control curls

•The results can last for three to four months dependent on the hair type. For example in the case of virgin hair the treatment will last around 2 months

•The treatment is quick and a Brazilian Blowout only requires 90 minutes and 1 stylist

•The treatment is affordable and ensures you look fantastic

FAQ’s About The Brazilian Blowout

Can A Brazilian Blowout be used after highlighting or coloring hair?

Yes it can be used, but a Brazilian Blowout works better after coloring. The treatment also works well as supplement for protein lost to the hair after a highlighting treatment.

How long should a person wait before coloring their hair?

It is suggested to wait at least three weeks before the application of a color.

After a Brazilian Blowout how long should one wait to tie, pin up or wash their hair?

The time recommended is at least 24 hours

If the hair gets wet before the 24 hours is up, what should the person do?

Flat iron or blow dry the hair immediately, swimming is also not recommended within the first 24 hours after the treatment.

How long does the treatment last?

Kerafusion will last around 2 months for virgin hair or around 3 to 4 months on hair that has been chemically treated.

Can a Brazilian Blowout be used after highlighting or coloring the hair?

Yes, but it is suggested to apply the treatment after coloring the hair for the best results. The treatment also works well as a supplement for the loss of protein caused from highlighting.

Can a Brazilian Blowout be applied directly over a strengthener or relaxer?

Yes in fact the Brazilian Blowout works the best on hair that has been chemically treated and will also improve the condition of the hair as it fortifies every strand using essential types of amino acids.

The Brazilian works very well over a relaxer. It is advisable to relax the hair first and then use the Brazilian Blowout next. The hair needs to be neutralized at the end of each treatment.

A Brazilian Blowout is a fantastic alternative when a person is looking for another way to relax the hair than the standard Japanese straighteners or relaxers. This treatment provides the hair with movement and still allows for a way to ensure the hair looks great.

Will the hair lose volume from a Brazilian Blowout?

No the hair won’t lose volume when receiving this treatment. The hair will still maintain natural volume and still obtain great memory and bend when using curling irons or blow drying.