Scottsdale Facials 


20-year-old runway models have something that not too many other people have �” perfect skin. While it may be impossible for everyone to have that flawless and soft facial skin without the right set of genes or at least the skillful photo airbrushing skills, it is still possible to improve the feel and look of your skin. Many adults and teens are increasingly turning to facials.

A facial is a treatment for the face that is designed to firm, clean, moisturize, and smooth the skin. Many people turn to facials not just to feel pampered and relaxed but also to make their skin healthier. According to data from the International Spa Association, facials as the 3rd most popular requested spa treatment, behind massages and manicures.

People that get facials done have their own reasons for doing so, including:

For relaxing and de-stressing
For rejuvenating skin that has started looking wrinkled or old
For improving skin that is too oily or too dry
For cleaning the skin and pores deeply

It is definitely possible to give yourself a basic facial in your home but most people prefer getting their facial treatments at a salon or spa. In a spa or salon, the aesthetician (the technical term for a skin specialist) applies gels, creams, lotions, mists, masks, and serums designed to clean and revitalize skin.

What is the importance of facials?

You work out regularly and you get haircuts regularly, so why wouldn’t you go for a facial? Just like many other health and beauty matters, facials helps in the prevention and treatment of common problems.

Take the fall season as an example. In October when you heat on you might start noticing changes in the skin. Interior heat can cause the dehydration of the skin and facials can correct the lack of moisture drastically. In April when it starts warming up a bit, the skin can become oilier and start to break out. Facials help with these and numerous other skin ailments.

What are the other benefits of facials?

What is it that you can and should expect from facials? Facials provide you with firmer skin, fewer breakouts, proper hydration, smoother texture, and a glowing complexion.

How often should you get facials?

Your facial routine will ultimately depend on the type of skin that you have. If you can manage it, it is recommended that you visit you aesthetician at least once every month.